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Last Update: 10/13/2022 4:40:23 AM

Budomunca Store always works with the criterion of bringing customers the most special and sophisticatedjewelry products as well as bringing the most luck and style. Budomunca Store owns a system of the most modern electric casting machines, which enables Budomunca Store to be able to market products with extremely low loss, and the highest accuracy. Therefore, the shop's products are always sophisticated but the cost is low.

Budomunca Store owns a design team that is extremely well-trained according to modern technology. Another big plus is that the staff of Budomunca Store are always supplemented with knowledge in all areas of jewelry and customer care. Accordingly, Budomunca Store is always proud that we have brought our customers the most dedicated services.

Different from other types of bracelets, our bracelets are meticulously crafted from the hands of skilled craftsmen, so they are often very unique, novel and the number of products produced on the market. very limit.

Budomunca Store uses a lot of different materials such as ropes, parachute cords, metal, 14k gold along with creativity and ingenuity, ultimately creating unique, transformative products. Rich and loved by the elaborate, very distinctive.

Going beyond the bracelet, we will try to offer other types of products such as rings, necklaces to serve our customers. We hope that our customers will accept and support us.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Address: 500 Clyde St NW Knoxville TN 37921 US

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